Dutch Art History

This Dutch art history course offers a great overview of all that the Netherlands has to offer in terms of visual art, architecture and design. In eight lessons, teacher Yvonne Hilgenkamp covers ten centuries of Dutch art and architectural history. Big names of Dutch artists are reviewed (think Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Toorop, Mondriaan), but there is also room for surprises and discoveries. Ten centuries of Dutch art history, that's a thousand years of colour and tradition, innovation and daring. Of paint and canvas, bronze and marble, glass and stone. Centuries of portraits, landscapes, Dutch design, ice cream, interiors, seascapes and that typically Dutch light. Besides the visual arts, extensive attention is paid to Dutch architecture. Medieval cathedrals, seventeenth-century canal houses, workers' palaces of the Amsterdam School and contemporary 'starchitects': from the Sint Servaas and the Palace on Dam Square to the Beurs van Berlage and Rotterdam's Market Hall. Classes are divided as follows:

  1. The Romans, Romanesque, Gothic
  2. Early Dutch painters 15th and 16th centuries, Hieronymus Bosch, Dutch Renaissance and Mannerism
  3. Golden Age (17th century). Great masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer, and genres like landscapes, portraits, still lifes, bourgeois interiors etc.
  4. Dutch Classicism, country houses, Rococo, Enlightenment and Romanticism
  5. Neo-styles, Impressionism (Hague School and Amsterdam Impressionists), Art Nouveau, Rationalism
  6. Post-impressionism (including Toorop and Van Gogh) and Expressionism (including Van Dongen, Sluijters and De Ploeg), The Amsterdam School, De Stijl
  7. Modernism, Reconstruction, Bossche School, Magic Realism, CoBrA, Zero movement and Conceptual art
  8. Postmodernism, Realism/figurative painting, Contemporary art and architecture

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Reviews of this course

I really loved Yvonne's course. It remains amazing the way she can convey everything with enthusiasm. She even got me excited about modern architecture which I thought was not my preference. And it's especially nice that I can take the course just from home. I will definitely take more courses from Yvonne.
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Lecturer of this course

Yvonne Hilgenkamp

Yvonne Hilgenkamp is an art historian as well as an architectural historian, and has many years of experience in presenting the rich history of Western architecture, urban planning and art. She clearly makes art history accessible to a diverse audience. Her interests are broad and range from the Romans to Rembrandt, from De Pijp to Paris and from Art Déco to Dubai's skyscrapers. About all these subjects she likes to talk and enthusiastically!

Recommended literature

Should you wish to delve further into the subject of this course, we recommend the following books. This is not compulsory literature for the course.