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KLU online is fantastic! Meanwhile, I have already taken several courses and been taught by 3 teachers: Hanneke Lenders, Yvonne Hilgenkamp and Barry Heinrichs. Each and every one of them teachers to be proud of. A true enrichment of my lessons at the Oudenaarde Academy of Drawing.

About Dutch Masters of art history (ENG)

Just an e-mail to let you know that I have really enjoyed the courses I have attended with you so far. Both lecturers were incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The Introduction to Art History was a good refresher, despite my propaedeutic degree in Art History. And with Pure Beauty of Scandinavia, the nice thing was that you could see Yvonne herself really enjoying the lessons and the subject.

About KLU

I loved the fact that the course was available online, I have a busy job and otherwise I would not have been able to combine it. The price/quality ratio much better than elsewhere and it was perfectly organised. You don't find that everywhere these days either.

About KLU

I enjoyed this course. Found it very interesting and Hanneke gives clear structured lectures. What particularly appealed to me about the two symbolism courses is that quite complex subject matter is still made understandable, fun, accessible without lowering the level. So I am very pleased with the course, also especially because they are online and can be watched again quietly for a second or third time.

About Symbolism in art B

I loved this course in a word. How educational it was. Partly due to Barry's inspired presentations. I have already done several courses with you and you can count on me to sign up for another course soon.

About Women artists

I am very excited! Yvonne thanks for the happy and enthusiastic way of presenting. The course was very informative, versatile and all aspects such as ancient art, modern art, architecture, fine art and design were covered in a nice mix. The course increased our sense of Scandinavia even more and art is going to be a significant part of it.

About The pure beauty of Scandinavia

I am very satisfied with the content of this course series. Yvonne tells her story with such enthusiasm and experience that after each lesson you get the feeling you have been to the city in question yourself and you feel like immediately packing your travel bag and setting off to admire all that beauty with your own eyes.

About Splendour of European cities B

I enjoyed the modern art course. It was a fascinating overview and in which I was able to discover artists unknown to me as well. It taught me to look at modern art in a different way. Karlijn de Jong has a very pleasant, relaxed way of telling stories and a fine presentation. Her lessons were packed with information but with the handout and possibility to look back, it was easy to follow.

About Modern art

Very much enjoyed taking this course last weeks. Learned a lot, including how to pick up my hobby of architectural photography again. I take this opportunity to compliment the set-up, the content of the course and the enthusiasm and commitment of instructor Yvonne Hilgenkamp. When you have had a lot of meetings one day and are quite tired, it is very pleasant to have an enthusiastic and energetic lecturer in a webinar.

About Introduction to Architecture

Took the courses Symbolism and Introduction to Art History. Both are among the top art history courses I took from various providers in recent years. Great lecturer. Extremely enjoyable storytelling style. I mainly use the "look back mode" and then enjoy using the summary with it. Look forward to follow-up courses.

About Symbolism in art A