Art Nouveau & Art Deco

At the end of the 19th century, architecture detached itself from the past. No longer was it based on old styles (neo-classicism, neo-Gothicism), but new and inspired by nature! Art Nouveau (or Jugendstil) was born. Think architecture by Gaudí and Victor Horta, but also graphic art (posters by Mucha and Toorop), furniture and jewellery. Art Deco followed this and was more geometric and rationalist and also more eclectic: expressionism, cubism and functionalism were combined. Art Deco also found expression in architecture (Radio Kootwijk), visual arts as well as applied arts (e.g. jewellery by Cartier). This course focuses on the whirlwind period around 1900 and the various expressions of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Afterwards, you will know both styles in detail and also know the difference!


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Barry Heinrichs' Art Nouveau and Art Deco course was extremely professional and entertaining. Really super well prepared, logical structure, beautiful images and what also makes it very nice is his personal knowledge of historical buildings and art. Barry is very enthusiastic and you get the urge to go and visit all the places he recommends yourself. Thank you very much!
About Art Nouveau & Art Deco

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Barry Heinrichs

Barry Heinrichs

Barry Heinrichs is an art historian. Driven by a curiosity for what moves artists, for the unknown and the anomalous in art, Barry Heinrichs has developed over the years into an all-round art historian who gives lectures and courses, organises guided tours and guides art tours that deal with all topics within the field of art history - ancient, modern and contemporary - and especially the connection between them.

Recommended literature

Should you wish to delve further into the subject of this course, we recommend the following books. This is not compulsory literature for the course.