Design in Europe

In this Design in Europe online course, we explore the boundary between art and craft and enter the world of design. Art history likes to focus on paintings, sculptures and buildings, but an underexposed part of this is applied art. Utensils on the frontier of art: furniture, chairs, cabinets, jewellery, tableware, interiors. Objects with a practical use but that often would not look out of place on a pedestal or in a display case. From sleek, austere and purely functional to hysterical and almost impossible to use. Barry Heinrichs tells you all about the fascinating development of design in Europe and the different styles within it. We go from Art nouveau and sanitary ware and crockery by Wedgewood, through the Amsterdam and Bossche School (De Klerk, Dom van der Laan), past the austere furniture of Bauhaus & de Stijl (Doesburg, Breuer, Mies van der Rohe) to pure Scandinavian stillness (Alvar Aalto, Vernon Panton), Italian grandeur (Olivetti, Bialetti, Aldo Rossi) and the finale with Dutch Design (Gispen, Pastoe, Droog, Studio Job) and Belgian Design (Maarten de Ceulaer, Axelle Vertommen) and much more!


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6x Monday evenings, start 27 May
27/05/202419:30 - 21:30
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Lecturer of this course

Barry Heinrichs

Barry Heinrichs

Barry Heinrichs is an art historian. Driven by a curiosity for what moves artists, for the unknown and the anomalous in art, Barry Heinrichs has developed over the years into an all-round art historian who gives lectures and courses, organises guided tours and guides art tours that deal with all topics within the field of art history - ancient, modern and contemporary - and especially the connection between them.

Recommended literature

Should you wish to delve further into the subject of this course, we recommend the following books. This is not compulsory literature for the course.