Belgian Art History

This course provides an overview of Belgian art history online. We discuss all that Belgium has to offer in terms of art and culture. Big names pass in review, but there is also room for surprises and discoveries. In six lessons, Barry Heinrichs covers more than ten centuries. We start with plenty of attention to the 'Flemish Primitives', including Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden with their peerless depiction of reality against the backdrop of the splendour of the Burgundian court. Then we automatically come to Brueghel and Gossaert's Renaissance. At the Baroque, we discuss such luminaries as Rubens, Jordaens and van Dyck. Then we move from the nineteenth-century Belgian School, symbolism and art nouveau to the modernists such as Ensor, Gustav de Smet and Permeke. Barry also pays extensive attention to the Belgian Surrealists including Magritte and will show you the highlights of the twentieth century through to contemporary art with the likes of Luc Tuymans and Jan Fabre. At the end of the course, you will have a good overview of the most important highlights of Belgian art history.


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Barry Heinrichs

Barry Heinrichs

Barry Heinrichs is an art historian. Driven by a curiosity for what moves artists, for the unknown and the anomalous in art, Barry Heinrichs has developed over the years into an all-round art historian who gives lectures and courses, organises guided tours and guides art tours that deal with all topics within the field of art history - ancient, modern and contemporary - and especially the connection between them.

Recommended literature

Should you wish to delve further into the subject of this course, we recommend the following books. This is not compulsory literature for the course.